15ENISE Addresses the New Vision of Cybersecurity

The Secretary of State for Digitization and Artificial Intelligence, Carme Artigas. Who highlighted at the opening of this event, organized by INCIBE. Also the opportunity of promoting a productive business fabric around the cybersecurity sector.

A General Overview of 15ENISE Program

During 15ENISE, the ‘Report on indicators on digital trust and cybersecurity in Spain and the European Union’ prepared by ObservaCiber was presented.
The fifteenth edition of the International Meeting on Information Security, 15ENISE, organized by the National Institute of Cybersecurity (INCIBE), has opened its doors for another year, recovering its original format, combining a face-to-face program of conferences and an exhibition space, with activities on-line.
The event was inaugurated this morning by the Secretary of State for Digitization and Artificial Intelligence, Carme Artigas, who highlighted the motto of this edition ‘New Visions’, which reflects the essence of the recovery project that Spain is currently facing, and which is going through the acceleration of the digitization process that the pandemic has brought about, generating a new digital scenario. “This fundamentally affects in the setting is overflowing with potential outcomes, yet besides with shortcomings, endlessly gambles. Thus, cybersecurity has become a fundamental pillar on which to support Spain’s safe, competitive, and guaranteed technological development. We are facing a challenge as a country for which we have the talent of the best professionals”.

Carme Artigas

In her conversation, Carme Artigas moreover kept an eye out for the significance of the affiliation affirmation industry. Like an essential key district concerning guaranteeing the security of inhabitants and relationship from possibilities. “We are facing a staggering opportunity to move a huge and business surface in around the area. And a bona fide driving public electronic assurance industry”.
The mayor participated in the inauguration and highlighted the commitment and commitment of the Government. By placing the city as a reference in digitization and the fight for cybersecurity. Likewise, he conveyed his total willingness as mayor of León to expand collaboration with INCIBE. The Secretary of State and the Government of Spain, companies, and institutions.” One of the positive delineations we have acquired from the pandemic. Which is achievable to work, and improve, from wherever in the world in a coordinated and reasonable way,” he pointed out.

15ENISE Program

After the inaugural session, a round table was held on the ‘New vision of cybersecurity in Spain’ from the point of view of the representatives of the different public bodies that ensure cybersecurity in our country: the Department of National Security, the National Cryptologic Center (CCN), the Joint Cyberspace Command, the Cybersecurity Coordination Office and INCIBE.
Such as the culture of cybersecurity, boosting industry and education, training and talent. “We believe INCIBE should be a switch for computerized change. Which is the reason we center our endeavors around three basic tomahawks. By reinforcing the network protection abilities of residents, SMEs, and experts; the advancement of the business biological system of the area; and the situating of Spain as a worldwide hub in this field”, she featured. Moreover, the production of the European Center for Industrial, Technological, and Cybersecurity Research Competence was examined.
Throughout the day, the complete program that 15ENISE has brought together professionals, entrepreneurs, representatives of the academic and research sector, cybersecurity companies, companies interested in information security solutions, and investors, with options of establishing professional contacts.

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