5 keys: How to secure the Internet

It is very important to educate and make the population aware of safe practices to guarantee responsible use of digital technologies.

Easy and quick tips to pay safely through the Internet.

Madrid, February 7, 2022, This Tuesday, February 8, Safe Internet Day 2022 is celebrated, under the slogan ‘Together for a Better Internet. The target of this drive is to advance the protected and positive utilization of computerized advances, particularly among minors. For this reason, PaynoPain, a Spanish technology company specializing in the development of online payment tools, summarizes easily and quickly, the five keys to buying and paying safely through the Internet.
The time we spend perusing the web is expanding, and the age at which we start it is diminishing to make it happen. According to a UNICEF study, the average age at which children and adolescents access their first mobile phone is below 11 years, while in the case of Spain, 69 percent of children between 10 and 15 years already have a ‘smartphone’, according to data from Statista.
For this reason, it is very important to educate and make the population aware of safe practices when browsing, and paying, online to guarantee responsible use of digital technologies. Adults are the first to have access to this type of information, to put it into practice in their homes, and be an example for the little ones.

In this sense, PaynoPain summarizes simply the five keys that every Internet user should know to play safely over the Internet:

Digital certificate

Whenever we enter a website, it is essential to check its security to browse it. To find out quickly and simply, we can check if there is a grey padlock next to the URL, as a digital certificate, which guarantees that it is a secure website. One more method for checking it is by making sure that the site utilizes the well-known HTTPS convention. Assuming the URL incorporates an – s toward the end, it implies that it is a safe page and is adjusted to insurance guidelines.

Contact data and review

If we are going to purchase on the website we visit, it is key to check that there are several ways to contact the business if necessary. By and large, they are typically an email address and a telephone number. Another good way to verify that eCommerce is reliable is to look for reviews of the business in an online search engine or on social networks, to assess the experiences of former users.

Clear purchase conditions

Before making any purchase, it is advisable to review this information to avoid inconveniences, especially, if we are going to share personal information, bank details, etc.

Secure payment gateway

Before buying in electron the European Payment Services Directive was made to limit the chance of extortion. To do this, installment frameworks should check the client’s personality through no less than two verification components commerce, we must know how to recognize that the payment gateway is secure. To do this, it should conform to tts, which can be: Something they have (like their cell phone), something they know (like a pin or a secret word), or something intrinsic to the client (like their unique mark or facial acknowledgment).

Strong passwords

Although it seems obvious, it is advisable to create strong passwords, apply mnemonic rules and expand the number of characters. By picking complex passwords we will be safeguarding our gadgets, so involving a similar secret key for a considerable length of time is prudent not.
It is focal that everyone, from the spot they have inside the new technology and modernized world, manages to ensure a defended climate. Both large and small are part of the Internet daily, which is a community with a global reach. For this reason, the best way to build our digital citizens is through education and the promotion of good virtual practices. From PaynoPain we try to contribute to the construction of a safe online environment to contribute to the development of a safe digital society “, says Jordi Nebot CEO and co-founder of PaynoPain.

About PaynoPain

PaynoPain is a successful Spanish fintech that has been active since 2011 providing payment coverage on a global scale and currently has technological projects in more than 12 countries around the world, the vast majority of which are innovative solutions in terms of online payment methods. The company makes innovative services available to its customers such as Pay lands and change it, whose technology is currently helping to improve financial inclusion in countries with lower banking penetration rates. It also has a Fintech Laboratory for large-scale ad hoc international projects.

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