Anatomy of a Generalized Cell Diagram

Here we have basic to advance Anatomy of a Generalized Cell Diagram. In this world, every living organism has made up of cells. There are various types of cells that have different shapes and sizes. The structure of the cell is about the same for all the types that are the basic structure called Generalized Cell.

A generalized cell can be defined as:

“The generalized cell shows the basic structure of specialized cell having its living and non-living parts. It is the theoretical cell to understand the basic structure, parts and properties of a specialized cell.”

The generalized cell comprises both living and non-living both types of parts. The living parts of the generalized cell are known as Organelles.

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Main Parts of Generalized Cell

Generalized Cell
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Non-Living Parts:

There are two main non-living parts of a generalized cell namely;

  1. Granules
  2. Vacuoles

Anatomy of a Generalized Cell Diagram

1. Granules

This part is located in the cytoplasm. Granules are usually small particles that are responsible to store the foods like fats, starch, and glycogen.

2. Vacuoles

Vacuoles are the substances that are found in the cytoplasm in the solution state. They are in large liquid in the plant cells commonly known as cell-sap. The cell cap is responsible to produce organic acids and minerals in the plant.

Living Parts (Protoplasm):

There are three major living parts of a generalized cell namely;

  1. Cell or Plasma membrane
  2. Cytoplasm
  3. Nucleus

1. Cell or Plasma Membrane

Anatomy of a Generalized Cell Diagram-Plasma Memebrance

A cell membrane or Plasma membrane is a layer that is outside of the generalized cell. The function of this outer layer is to allow or exit the substances into the cell.

2. Cytoplasm


The cytoplasm is the part of the generalized cell which is located between the nucleus and cell membrane. It is like a jelly fluid that is responsible to store various organelles of the generalized cell.

3. Nucleus

Nucleus of Generalized cell

The nucleus is comprised of semi-solid substances which are filled in this part. These semi-solid substances are called nucleoplasm. This part is known as the brain of the generalized cells.

This was all about Anatomy of a Generalized Cell Diagram. You can find more notes and details in Education Section.

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