Jazz 2 Hour Call Package

Mobilink Jazz has introduced the Jazz 2 hours call package, especially for the students. That’s why it is named “Student Bundle”. This package benefits those with a tight budget who want to connect with family, friends, or colleagues. The Jazz call package 2 hours allows the customers free calls for 120 minutes and Facebook in … Read more

Lut Gaye Song Lyrics

Lut Gaye Song Lyrics

Here are Lut Gaye Song Lyrics. These lyrics are in Urdu, Hindi, and English. Lut Gaye (Feat. Emraan Hashmi) Lyrics. Listen to lut gaye song here.   میں نے جب دیکھا تھا تجھ کو رات بھی وہ یاد ہے مجھکو تارے گنتے گنتے سو گیا دِل میرا دھڑکا تھا کس كے کچھ کہا تھا تونے … Read more

Ehsaas Cash program registration – 14,000

Ehsaas Cash program  registration

Wait is over and Ehsaas Cash program registration has been started again. Now you can get your 14,000 again. As government has been changed , and new government has started this program again. Ehsaas emergency cash program was started back in 2018  by previous government, but as soon as Mian Nawaz Sharif’s government came, they … Read more