The Rise of the API Economy

Integration has economic benefits, according to software experts. Data and services are now more accessible and adaptable, thanks in part to the API economy and the use of microservices. Companies can grow rapidly by building a business model around APIs. This can be achieved by using APIs to transform your data and services into a … Read more

How to use Artificial Intelligence in Logistics?

Have you ever thought about how many customers you can earn with WhatsApp Pay? And how many opportunities are available with Open Banking? From facilitating communication to streamlining operations, technologies offer competitive advantages for businesses. Not using them means falling behind the competition. So, it is necessary to anticipate trends and invest in innovations as … Read more

AI for SMEs: Application of Artificial Intelligence in Human Resources

Artificial Intelligence is a great accelerator that allows you to meet business objectives more quickly since it can be applied to all business management functions: productivity and performance, professional talent, product creation, marketing, and customer experience. In this post -the third of our series on AI for SMEs- we will focus on the applications of … Read more

What is NFTS, and why have they become so relevant?

The pandemic has made it possible to consolidate the importance of content and virtual worlds.  Thus demonstrating that society is ready to start a new chapter based on the decentralization of traditional systems. As a result of this new way of thinking, the NFTS was born. Well, everything that can be represented digitally has the … Read more

The importance of social media in business

From the presence of the principal interpersonal organizations to the current day, over a billion groups worldwide have become ordinary clients. The effectiveness of social networks to reach people has not gone unnoticed by companies that, seeing their media and reputational impact, are using them as communication platforms with their customers. In this post, we … Read more

New Technologies in 2022

New technologies are consists of a set of early creations or development that are part of the so-called ‘digital revolution. This revolution is the most important event at an economic level after the start of the Industrial Revolution in the mid-eighteenth century. Main new technologies New technologies are partly a cause of the appearance of … Read more