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Essay on Cricket Match

Cricket is listed as one of the well-known, and most famous games played worldwide. It is an exciting game in which the players use a bat and ball. The cricket match plays between two teams. Each crick team has eleven players.

This game is played in many different ways. Batsmen make run during the time of ball collected by other team payers. Moreover, it is an exciting game in our region that everyone enjoys watching live streaming, including children, adults, and older.

Formats of Cricket

Essay on Cricket Match

There are different types of rules and principles on which the cricket formats are based. There are various formats to play cricket matches on the ground, such as Test Match, T20 Match, or One Day International (ODI) Cricket Match.

Twenty 20 (T20) Cricket Match:

It is the short format of a cricket match. The England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) introduced the T20 cricket match in 2003. In this match, each team has 20 overs and its own innings. The duration of the Twenty-20 cricket match is limited to 3 hours.

Test Cricket Match:

A test match is the most extended type of cricket match that holds a very long period. In this match, each team has 2 innings. It is played on the test base to check the abilities of the cricket teams. It takes 5 days to complete the performance of the individual unit.

One Day International (ODI) Cricket Match:

One Day International (ODI) cricket matches two international teams. This match covers 50 overs, so both teams have 50 overs to play. The Cricket World Cup is an example of this type of match. It is usually played after every 4 years.

Although cricket matches cover different formats that everyone likes. Such as, some people love to watch t2o matches, or others want to watch the world cup.

Two years ago, I watched a Twenty 20 match last. It was a match between Pakistan and India. Our college announced a holiday to enjoy this match on this day. Some students went to National Stadium, where the teams played this match, while some enjoyed watching live tv streaming.

I watched this match live from home on the TV channel. It was 6:00 pm when the match got started. The Captain of Pakistan ‘Babar Azam’  has won the toss to batting first. But he invited to  Indian captain to start the game first.

The Indian team started batting, but they could not play very efficiently. They lost 2 wickets in just the first over. Soon, they lost 5 wickets in the 3 above. But Suchen Tandolkar took over the batting and played some better than other teams members.

He played in a better way and made the performance upgraded. But unfortunately, after a few overs, Pakistani bowler Waqar Younus broke all the records of the performance of the Indian team and won the wicket. At last, in just 11 overs, all the players of the Indian team got out by making just 113 runs.

Now, the Pakistani team started batting. The Indian team had tried its best to defeat the Pakistani batsmen by shooting crazy bowling. But fortunately and efficiently, it was straightforward for Paki Cricket team to win this match.

The Pakistani cricket team members hit sixers and fourer and performed well. However, the Pakistan cricket team won this match by playing just 8 overs.

It was a great match in my life that I will never forget!

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