Jazz 2 Hour Call Package

Mobilink Jazz has introduced the Jazz 2 hours call package, especially for the students. That’s why it is named “Student Bundle”. This package benefits those with a tight budget who want to connect with family, friends, or colleagues. The Jazz call package 2 hours allows the customers free calls for 120 minutes and Facebook in just 4 rupees, including tax.

Jazz 2 Hour Call Package Details:

Offer of 2 hours call package jazz named as Student Bundle that allows you to enjoy with your family and friends at very reasonable rates. You can talk with your loved ones free for 2 hours after activation of this package.

This package allows the users to call on the Jazz to Jazz network. You can activate this 2 hours call package jazz by simply dialing the specific code on your phone. When you activate this offer, your time of 2 hours will get started.

Here is an exciting thing about this offer, you will also get free Facebook for 2 hours. It is the best way to connect with your family and friends. You can share photos and upload photos and videos on your timeline. Further, you can also share photos or videos with your loved ones. So, let’s activate this 2 hours call package jazz to enjoy the free calling and Facebook.

Jazz Call Packages 2 hours Activation Details

Do you want to activate the Student Bundle offer that allows you to make free calls for 2 hours? Here are the activation details.

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Jazz call packages 2 hours Activation Code

The process for the activation of Jazz call packages 2 hours is straightforward and quick. You can activate the student bundle by dialing the code from your phone’s keypad. To start this package, you need to open your phone’s dial pad and dial *3000#. But don’t forget that this offer of 2 hours call package jazz is not available for the prepaid customer of Mobilink.

After dialing *3000#, you will be notified of applying for the Student bundle. After a few seconds, you will get a confirmation message of activating this student bundle of jazz call packages for 2 hours. So, then after getting the confirmation message, you can enjoy free calling with your family and friends for the next 2 hours.

You can check the status of the Jazz 2 hours call package by simply dialing *320*2#. Reviewing your status will get updated on how much time or minutes are remaining. If you want to unsubscribe from this package, you can dial *320*4#.

2 Hours Call Package Jazz Provides:

This 2 hours call package jazz package provides other benefits along with the free calling of 2 hours. The details of this offer are listed below;

  • 120 free on-net minutes
  • Unlimited Facebook with photo sharing

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Availability of 2 hours Jazz Call Package

You can avail of 2 hours jazz call package at any time except 6 pm to 9 pm due to being considered the busiest networking time. So, it is best to activate this package if you want to call other times.

Charges to Activate 2 hours call Package Jazz

To activate the jazz 2 hour call package, you need to have a balance of 4 rupees as it charges 3.59 PKR, including tax. But here is another thing to remember: when you make a call, even after activating this package, it will charge 0.10 rs. If you need to make 10 calls while using this package, you will be charged 1 rs. So, keep more balance in your Mobilink account for this purpose.


how to check jazz 2 hour call package?

You can check the status of the jazz 2 hour call package by dialing 3202#. It will allow you to get informed by the remaining minutes or time.

how to subscribe to jazz student bundle call packages 2 hour?

If you want to subscribe to the jazz student bundle, you need to dial *3000# by your phone.

How to check call package on jazz 2 hour?

To get the jazz 2 hour call package information, dial 3203#. If you have activated this package already and need to check the status, you can do it by dialing 3202#

What is the code for 2 hours jazz call packages?

To subscribe to the 2 hours jazz call package, the code is *3000#. If you want to get the information about this package, you can dial *320*3#. In case of checking the status, dial *320*4#.

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