5 keys to a perfect belly

Achieving a well-cared-for and marked belly is one of the main motivations of different athletes to start exercising regularly. Whether to aspire to a smooth belly or a marked one, it is a process that takes effort, time, and therefore patience, and constant discipline, but the bases to be complemented are very similar. That is why we present you 5 keys to strengthening and marking your abs well:

1. Control over carbohydrates

It has been said many times before that carbohydrates are the enemy and it is not entirely true. It is not at all advisable to drastically cut the intake of carbohydrates to the body, and even less so when we are talking about a diet in which an adequate metabolism must prevent us from being tempted to snack. In addition, suppressing these foods will make us feel tired and we will be in a bad mood.

We must not forget that they are a vital part of our food pyramid and that cannot be changed, since our brain constantly requires them to function properly. However, “a somewhat reduced consumption will help our body metabolize faster and achieve more energy in muscle mass” according to Tim McComsey, founder of TrymFitness.

As with everything, the key is to use them properly, and for that, you have to know your natural metabolism, be honest with your base diet, and commit to the new one you choose. A great example is a contribution first thing in the morning and another after training.

2. Eat more fat

As has been mentioned other times, fat itself does not make you fat. What makes you fat is eating it in excess. A daily dietary intake of fat will help curb cravings and hunger after carbohydrate intake has been reduced. Fats help curb hunger as the body takes longer to break down, use, and/or store fat. Additionally, mention that fats are usually accompanied by protein sources, without which muscle performance is hampered, so the consumption of both together is recommended as long as it is in healthy doses.

3· Replace fruits with vegetables

One of the many myths about playing sports is that eating fruit is vital and mandatory, and this is not exactly the case. Fruit is great, full of nutrients and antioxidants to protect the body, but the problem is that they are also a huge load of sugars.

How can we keep all those benefits and do without so much sugar? Swap fruits for vegetables. An apple has about 125 calories and 25 grams of carbohydrates, while a large red bell pepper has 40 calories and 5 grams of carbohydrates. Do accounts.

This strategy will help you maintain nutrients and antioxidants while reducing the level of sugar, antioxidants, and carbohydrates.

4. Abdominal exercises with added weight

Do not forget that to have a marked belly the most important thing is to exercise. The more you exercise, the more you will mark the muscles worked. It’s not so much pounding the cardio machines as it is sitting down to do a few sets of sit-ups or other exercises to maintain demanding form. Cardio reduces weight increases and marks.

Muscle is gained by exercising what you do (especially by progressively pushing it to the limit of your capabilities). So running will help you lose fat, but that won’t complete the cycle if you’re looking to score abs. With cardio, it is not possible to stimulate the muscle as when you do weights. So it is recommended to organize abdominal exercises with weights regularly, between 3 and 4 times a week. We preferably recommend the gym, since it is the variety of exercises (on a variety of machines) that forces the muscle, which forces it to grow. Try 20-minute intervals between fast and slow ab exercises.

5. Discard the distillates

A serious athlete who wants to lose weight and get in shape seriously considers the use of alcohol knowing its effects on the body. He causes fat to accumulate instead of converting it into energy. Since it essentially puts a stop to the digestion of your last meal until the liver can excrete the alcohol. It also affects two other areas. On the one hand, being a diuretic, it potentially dehydrates and reduces energy levels. On the other hand, it can decrease testosterone in the body, which is essential for muscle development.

However, there are drinks that, if well measured, can bring benefits in other aspects. Although the user will always depend on one’s criteria.

In any case, we recommend that, if you go out partying, combine the consumption of beers or spirits with a diet soft drink.  Then opt for sparkling mineral water and lime. So you will rehydrate and recover the necessary salts to restore balance to your body.


We must not forget that the bases are still something that we already knew before: maintain a balanced diet and an exercise routine for the abdomen to allow time to have its effects. The body is a temple and we must take care of it. We must respect it, and if we do something that we know harms it, act accordingly to reform it. That is the basis to achieve not only a marked belly but comprehensive physical health.

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