Panasonic Compass Protects Security of Android Devices

Panasonic compass stresses the importance of proper configuration, deployment, management, and security of Android devices and highlights its COMPASS service. Which ensures TOUGHBOOK devices are secure throughout their lifetime
Android technology, available on TOUGHBOOK devices, is easy to use, consumes little battery power, and is easily configurable and manageable for personal mobility needs. These factors provided that in 2019, according to data provided by Statista, 86.1% of the smartphone market share used the Android operating system.
According to Jon Tucker, General Manager of Solutions Engineering at Panasonic compass, in a highly digitized business landscape, Android business devices need to take a much bigger role in maintaining and updating the operating system to prevent possible hacks.

Security risks on Android devices

Kate Bevan, editor of Which? expressed in a BBC article that “it is stressing that Android gadgets. It has such a short life expectancy before losing security support. That leaves a large number of clients in danger of genuine results assuming. They are Victims of programmers. Google and telephone producers should be forthright about security refreshes. Which shows clear data about how long they last and what clients ought to do when they run out.”
In turn, the Watchdog organization highlighted its finding that more than a billion Android devices are at risk of being hacked because they are no longer protected by security updates. “Anyone using an Android phone conveyed in 2012 or before should be especially concerned,” the affiliation said.
Now, this report didn’t talk about the problems of Android devices in the business world, but the concerns are nonetheless just as relevant. We have all seen the potentially disastrous consequences that security hacks have on businesses, jeopardizing the operations and reputations of the organizations that suffer from them. Ransomware such as WannaCry can bring vital operations to a standstill, and data breaches can lead to significant regulatory fines and a critical loss of customer confidence. In this aspect, the risks are infinite.

Updates depend on the manufacturer

When businesses purchase an Android Enterprise device for their mobile workforce, they rely not only on Google for patches and updates but also on the device manufacturer. It is the manufacturer that has to take the latest Android update and adapt it to their own devices. The problem is that some manufacturers are much more frequent than others in providing these updates. Their commitment to how long they will continue to provide these updates also varies widely.
“Shockingly, being the quickest to refresh isn’t generally genuinely amazing world. Best practice ought to be to let the underlying bugs of another working framework become visible. It fixed before carrying it out to the whole arrangement of gadgets.” A blunder for an Android client can be aggravating. However, for an organization that loses efficiency, it tends to be an expensive mistake to stay away from.”
Tucker stresses the importance of manufacturer specialization. “The key is to search for an endeavor Android gadget maker. Which has a generally modest number of specific gadgets in its portfolio. So that updates can happen routinely across the reach.” He also points out the importance of taking into account the duration of Android support offered by the device. “Undertaking gadgets, particularly tough ones, are frequently in help past the common 2-3 years.

Experience conveying endeavor grade is vital to work frameworks

Finally, Panasonic recommends looking for a manufacturer that has experience deploying enterprise-grade operating systems and upgrades in organizations where uptime is critical. These organizations understand that a stable, thoroughly tested, and reliable platform is vital to their customers.
About these conditioning factors when purchasing devices with Android technology for companies. Panasonic is positioned as one of the leaders in this field. Having worked with defense and first responder organizations around the world for many years. The company understands the importance of being a critical solutions provider. For those using TOUGHBOOK devices, Panasonic is a partner in the Android Enterprise Recommended program for devices. It also offers its own Panasonic COMPASS – Complete Android Services and Security support.
COMPASS is a portfolio of tools and services that make it easy to configure, deploy, manage and secure Panasonic Android devices. Ensures your devices are enterprise-ready and secure throughout their lifespan. COMPASS is made up of five essential elements. But one of them, COMPASS Security, provides a complete support solution for Toughbook Android devices.
Panasonic compass also has the Premium Security Service. Which provides regular security patches for up to three years after the product’s end of life. It also can be extended for an additional two years, ensuring that your mobile assets are fully protected throughout their lifetime. COMPASS Air also uses firmware over the air technology to deliver firmware updates, security patches, system application updates and driver fixes directly to your end-user’s devices for deployment whenever, wherever, and to the devices of your choice.

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