PM Shahbaz Sharif Laptop Scheme 2022-23

Are you searching for the best education facilities to achieve your academic goals? If yes, here is the good news for you! You are at the perfect place to read something best for you! This article will cover details regarding PM Shahbaz Sharif’s Laptop Scheme 2022 -23. So, let’s stay here and read this post to acknowledge this great opportunity.

PM Shahbaz Sharif Laptop Scheme Announcement

The news regarding PM Shahbaz Sharif’s Laptop Scheme is that the facility providing laptops will start again this year. Shaza Fatima Khawaja, the special assistant to the Prime Minister for Youth Affairs, has revealed this news recently.

Shahbaz Sharif Laptop Scheme 2022 - 2023

According to this news of PM Shahbaz Sharif Laptop Scheme, one lack laptop will be awarded to deserving students to allow them to ensure the best education. So, if you are enrolled in any government college or university, you can apply for this scheme.

This news was revealed by Shaza Fatima Khawaja when she was addressing the Green Youth Movement at the Dow University of Health Science Karachi. She raised the issue of unemployment of the youth and said that every year 2 million new fresh graduates need jobs. She addressed during her lecture that in society, these fresh graduates remain unemployed due to no space for accommodation.

According to her, it is essential to provide the facility of PM Shahbaz Sharif’s Laptop Scheme to the students. Getting this opportunity to students will be helpful for them to complete their education and achieve their goals.

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Additionally, by availing of PM Shahbaz Sharif Laptop Scheme, the students will also get the opportunity to work online which will help this society to reduce unemployment.

Moreover, on this occasion, Shaza Fatima also announced the monthly internship program for graduate students at Rs 12,000. Because by this way, the country can start developing to reduce unemployment.

She raised that the youth is a significant part of our society. According to the census of 2017, 50 million people are youth in our country. The number of scholarship every year for students are becoming wasted just due to unawareness in people.

That’s why the government is willing to provide the facilities to students in terms of PM Shahbaz Sharif Laptop Scheme to make the youth and the country’s development.

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