PMS Exam Syllabus 2023 -Download PMS Syllabus PDF

PMS has introduced the twenty-nine elective Subjects for its Combined Competitive Examination for appointment to the ranks of Provincial Management Service, the Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC). All applicants must take all three choice subjects and all eight compulsory subjects for PMS Exam Syllabus, each worth 200 marks. Therefore, the total score for the PMS examinations is 1200.

PMS Exam Details

The PMS is a base management service each province provides to meet its demands. The section Public Service Commissions regularly gives this test throughout Pakistan. You should be aware that the BPS-17 provincial departments are recruiting officials through this PMS exam.

It is the mandatory and optional PMS Exam Syllabus for 2022. Before taking the PMS Exam, it is crucial to comprehend the subjects. But first, you must be aware of the minimal requirements for taking the PMS exam.

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PMS syllabus Marks Criteria

There are two sections of the PMS exam.

  1. Written Exam 
  2. Viva Voice

1. Written Exam

The written exam carries 1200 marks based on compulsory and optional subjects. In this exam, there are 6 compulsory subjects and 3 optional subjects. Compulsory subjects have 100 marks each, and optional subjects carry 200 marks each.

2. Viva Voice

The viva voice exam is based on the assessment during the interview. This portion contains 200 marks.

PMS Compulsory Subjects Syllabus

Here is the 6 PMS compulsory subjects syllabus. Each subject carries an equal 100 mark and in total 600 marks.

  1. English Essay
  2. English (Precise, Comprehension & Translation)
  3. Urdu (Essay, Comprehension & Translation)
  4. Islamic Studies / Ethics for non-Muslims
  5. Pakistan Studies
  6. General Knowledge

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PMS Optional Subjects Syllabus

PMS Exam Syllabus - worldnews64

PPSC has established seven categories for choosing optional subjects from the PMS syllabus. Candidates are required to take three of the electives but not more than one from each group.

A first glance at the PPSC syllabus shows that most of the degrees candidates typically hold are covered by the PMS course. Here, we will briefly discuss the PMS Syllabus. The following is the group-by-group syllabus:

PMS Syllabus for Optional Subjects – Group A (Commerce)

Code No. Subject Marks
1 Commerce 200
2 Economics 200
3 Business Administration 200
4 Political Science 200

PMS Syllabus for Optional Subjects – Group B (Biological Science)

Code No. Subject Marks
5 Agriculture 200
6 Veterinary Sciences 200
7 Botany 200
8 Zoology 200

PMS Syllabus for Optional Subjects – Group C (Mathematics)

Code No. Subject Marks
9 Mathematics 200
10 Computer Science 200
11 Statistics 200
12 Principle of Engineering 200

PMS Syllabus for Optional Subjects – Group D (Physical Sciences)

Code No. Subject Marks
13 Physics 200
14 Chemistry 200
15 Geology 200
16 Geography


PMS Syllabus for Optional Subjects – Group E (Mass Communication, Law & History)

Code No. Subject Marks
17 Political Science 200
18 History 200
19 Law 200
20 Mass Communication 200

PMS Syllabus for Optional Subjects – Group F (Social Subjects)

Code No. Subject Marks
21 Philosophy 200
22 Psychology 200
23 Sociology 200
24 Social Work 200

PMS Syllabus for Optional Subjects – Group G (Language Subjects)

Code No. Subject Marks
25 English Literature 200
26 Urdu 200
27 Arabic 200
28 Education 200
29 Persian 200
30 Punjabi 200

PMS Exam Syllabus PDF Download

Interested candidates can download the PMS exam syllabus pdf by clicking “Download Here”.

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How many subjects are in PMS?

There are 6 compulsory subjects and 3 optional subjects in the PMS syllabus.

How many subjects are there in PMS?

Candidates who want to appear in the PMS exam must attempt 9 papers, including compulsory and optional.

How many subjects are in PMS exams?

The PMS exam syllabus will find 3 optional and 6 compulsory subjects.

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