Benefits of riding a bike

Why ride a bike if it’s so uncomfortable? If the feeling of riding a bike when it rains or is cold is not delightful. If good routes for cyclists or bicycle parking spaces are scarce in many towns and cities, what are the benefits of cycling??

Although everything is said above, it is necessary to change the chip and put it in optimistic mode to enjoy the benefits of riding a bike, a sport that hooks you. The  Intermediate Sports Degree is one of the ways to discover the world that surrounds the bicycle from within.

Health benefits of riding a bike

Riding a bike is a  dynamic sports practice that allows you to discover places and establish new challenges. In addition, it is an activity that can be practiced with friends to strengthen bonds or individually. This allows the athlete to disconnect from the routine and relax. But this is not all, since the benefits of riding a bike are especially notable in the state of health of those who carry out this activity:

Living more time

Sanchis-Goma concluded that  Tour de France cyclists live eight years longer than the rest of the population; enjoyable.

Similar conclusions are drawn by Fishman, Schepers, and Kamphuis (2015). They stated that Dutch people who go about their daily routine riding a bike live, on average, about six months longer than those who do not use it.

Healthier heart and body

Practicing cycling regularly improves blood circulation in our bodies. It also reduces the chances of suffering from cardiovascular diseases. Likewise,  riding a bike strengthens the heart muscles, lowers the resting heart rate, and lowers fat blood levels. In addition, it improves glucose tolerance (which helps prevent diabetes) and lowers cholesterol.

Cancer and cycling

Many studies link cancer and sports, reducing the chances of suffering from it if a person performs a physical activity or sports. In the case of cycling, it is said that it contributes to reducing the risk of having bowel cancer and breast cancer.

Prevention and treatment of overweight and obesity

An Australian study establishes that 60% of people who go to work by car are at risk of being overweight. In comparison, this probability is reduced by 20% in those who use the bicycle daily.

On the other hand, citizens who are overweight or obese and want to treat it should start by doing low-impact physical activities. So, their joints do not suffer much when supporting body weight. For this reason,  activities such as swimming or cycling are highly recommended in this population. Since, in addition to the help of exercise, they are more straightforward dynamics. In this sense, some British studies show that riding a bike for half an hour a day burns 5kg of fat per year.

Custom pace

This critical factor makes one “hook” on two wheels. The cyclist is the one who sets the pace of his activity. So, anyone, regardless of their age and physical condition, can practice it. Riding a bike hardly depends on external factors (except the weather). Like giving freedom to the person who practices it and allowing him to vary the intensity and volume of exercise to his liking.

It is a physical activity where the technique does not have much relevance as long as we talk about cycling as a hobby and not as a sport. In the latter case, the technique becomes essential, finding different modalities such as downhill or mountain biking.

In addition to all the factors mentioned above,  riding a bike has a social component. Since a particular empathy is generated among its participants. A recurring scene in cycling is finding other athletes doing their route during practice. There is a greeting or even a conversation without knowing each other.


By way of conclusion, a reflection is proposed. If children, young people, adults, or the elderly use the bicycle on their daily trips, it could be said that they would be practicing physical activity, notably improving their state of health, being more autonomous, meeting new people with their same interests and reducing pollution of the environment in which they live. That said, do you need more reasons to ride a bike?


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