Two-thirds of the Total Internet Traffic is Made up of Bots

North America accounts for 67% of malicious bot traffic, with most originating from public data centers.
Simply more than 22% of pernicious bot traffic comes from Europe
The pandemic that already began in 2020 has also completely marked the year 2021. A circumstance that has led to an even greater increase in the use of the internet by the population, still aware of keeping their distance and fully expanding digitization. As a consequence of this fact, the internet traffic of bots (computer programs that automatically carry out repetitive tasks through the Internet) has experienced great growth, and e-commerce applications and access portals have been the places on the network that have been most affected by this circumstance.

Extensive Overview of Internet Traffic

Along these lines, Barracuda Networks, an expert company in cybersecurity solutions, has published the report entitled Bot Attacks: main threats and trends, information on the growing number of automated attacks, which breaks down key findings of malicious bots and how they automated attacks are evolving. This report explores emerging internet traffic patterns, live examples of bot behavior and detection, as well as the steps IT teams need to take to protect their business.
This data investigates current trends such as the traffic volume of these malicious bots, where these attacks are coming from, and what time of day these attacks are most likely to occur. It also examines live examples and covers steps IT teams can take and the technology that should be used to stop these attacks.

An in-depth look at bot traffic

Barracuda researchers analyzed patterns in traffic for more than six months in 2021. In this analysis, some key conclusions were drawn. Such as that, of the total internet traffic, e-commerce applications are the most traveled by this type of bot.
In terms of geographic location, the study reveals that North America accounts for 67% of malicious bot traffic. And most originate from public data centers. However, just over 22% of malicious bot traffic originates from Europe. This traffic is more likely to come from hosting services or residential IPs.
Most of the bot traffic comes from two public clouds AWS and Microsoft Azure in very similar amounts. They make up two-thirds of the total internet traffic, of which 40% is made up of malicious bots. For greater efficiency, they adopt a standard working day.


While some bots, like search engine crawlers, are good. Our research shows that more than 60% of bots are engaged in malicious activity at scale. Vice president of product management and security at Barracuda apps. “Whenever left unrestrained, these noxious bots can take information, sway site execution, and even lead to an infringement. That is the reason it’s critical to successfully recognize and obstruct bot traffic.”

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