What is canyoning?

Canyoning is an adventurous and interesting sports game that is increasingly in demand among lovers of active tourism. In recent years, there has been an increase in this tourist variant, especially after the health crisis, which has encouraged outdoor leisure. In this way, canyoning is presented as a different way of getting to know the natural environment, leaving aside the paths to enter environments unaltered by the passage of human beings and find incredible places while wasting adrenaline.

However, many wonder what canyoning is, a sports practice that consists of making routes through canyons, ravines, or rivers, with the help of specific materials and safety equipment. There are routes with different difficulty levels, so it will be necessary to have a professional such as the Guide Technician in the Natural Environment and Free Time who knows the different canyoning techniques and the necessary security measures to enjoy the activity safely.

Tips to get started in canyoning

Before starting a canyoning route, it should be noted that participants must be at least nine years old. In good health to perform canyoning optimally. However, younger children are accompanied by their parents or guardians.

Another essential requirement in canyoning is not to be afraid of heights and know how to swim since, generally. The routes usually run through areas that follow the course of a flow of water. It will be necessary to cross some parts to swim on many occasions.

When choosing the area in which to practice canyoning. It is necessary to determine the level of difficulty of the route to be carried out, choosing one that is simple for all participants. Also, select a group for the activity with more than three people but is not too large. Where all the members are more or less at the same physical level.

Undoubtedly, the most crucial advice is to choose a good guide with experience in the route you want to take and who can prevent possible accidents through suitable materials, prior knowledge of the state of the flow, and meteorology. He must also be a professional with the ability to convey confidence to the team.

Equipment for canyoning

Canyoning is included among those known as risk sports, full of adrenaline and strong emotions. For this reason, these types of activities must have safety equipment to guarantee their performance safely.

Among the canyoning material necessary to carry out any route, it is necessary to distinguish between the personal equipment that the participants must bring and that provided by the active tourism company.


Material for canyoning that participants must carry

People who are going to participate in a canyoning route must bring their equipment that guarantees the correct development of the activity and the satisfaction of their needs throughout the day. In the list of things to take can not miss:

Sports shoes are suitable for the route. The ideal is to have specialized canyoning boots with a non-slip sole and heel reinforcement, although any other shoe can replace them with the same characteristics.

Sportswear for the route and another spare set to change at the end, since the clothes will wet.

Food and water for the whole day, although sometimes it may be included in the pack offered by the organizing company. Ideally, you should have at least one bottle of water.

For People who wear glasses, it is recommended that they carry some type of cord or sports support to avoid losing them during the development of the activity.

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Material for specialized canyoning

Specialized material is essential for canyoning. Generally, this will be provided by the organizing company, which will have everything necessary to guarantee the safety of its clients. However, there are also professionals in this sport who must create their team with all the essential elements to ensure optimal sports practice. The primary specific canyoning materials are:


It is one of the essential elements for canyoning since its participants move on uneven rocks, so it is essential to prevent possible accidents or injuries due to landslides.


On routes that run through areas with water for most of their route, the neoprene suit is an essential element, as it helps floatation and maintains body temperature. In addition, it will protect the skin from minor bumps or cuts.


This accessory is vital in canyoning to protect your hands from burns on the ropes and maintain the right temperature. The gloves will be made of different materials depending on the route carried out. Varying depends on the temperature and the presence or not of water.


It is a mandatory element in canyoning. But it provides security to the practitioner avoiding a fatal fall. It must be resistant to tension and with absorption capacity not to slip.

Carabiners and ropes

These elements are what, in addition to guaranteeing the safety of the participants. It will serve as a guide to move during the activity. They must have excellent resistance, and in the case of the rope, flexibility and a minimum thickness of 9mm.

Anchor cables

There are several types, and they can be made by hand with a 9-10mm dynamic rope. Movement during the route is ensured with them, keeping the carabiners close.

Canyoning backpack

To carry all the materials during the descent of canyons. It is necessary to have a backpack that fits well to the body and has enough space to store everything. It is recommended that it has a waterproof material capable of evacuating water efficiently. However, it is also advisable to carry a sealed container inside. Where you can put those elements that should not get wet, guaranteeing their conservation. In addition, this bottle favors flotation when it is necessary to submerge in the water.

Without a doubt, canyoning is one of the most demanded sports modalities in recent years inactive. Affordable tourism for both beginners and expert canyoneers. Where you can discover incredible places in the natural environment that surrounds us.

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  1. You made an interesting point when you advised choosing a skilled guide who has knowledge of the path you wish to travel and who can minimise potential mishaps by using appropriate equipment when canyoning. I’d like to start canyoning but don’t know where to begin. I shall employ the services of experts to guide and support me on my canyoning adventure.


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