Zong Monthly Call Packages 2022

Zong is one of the most famous calls for networking all across the country. It is renowned for its incredible bundles that spare the customers from excessive prices. Staying in touch with family, friends, and coworkers has never been easier than with the Zong monthly call package options for customers in Pakistan. Users can choose from various seamless packages offered by Zong Network that are suitable for different circumstances, including long-term use.

Monthly Call Packages Details

zong monthly call packages are available in various offers, including internet MBs, on-net minutes, off-net minutes, and SMS. Below you will find all the details of the zong monthly call package code and the price of each package;

Zong Shandar Monthly Package

Subscribe JAZZ 2 hours Call Package

Zong Monthly Power Pack 500 Rupees

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Zong Super Card

Zong Monthly Power Pack 1000 Rupees

Zong Monthly Power Pack 1500 Rupees

Zong Supreme Offer

Zong Supreme Plus Offer

Family Bundle Monthly Call Package Zong

Monthly Pro Offer

Monthly Super Offer

Voice 900 Min Bundle

Voice 425 Min Bundle

Hello Monthly Bundle

Mahana Voice Offer

Monthly Unlimited Offer

All-in-One Monthly 500

All-in-On Monthly 599

Telenor Blance Saving Code

All-in-One monthly 799

Zong Call Packages Monthly 80 Rupees Code

Monthly Supreme Zong Monthly Call Package



How to subscribe zong monthly call package?

Various Zong monthly call packages can be avail. So, call the helpline to find which package suits you. After knowing it, you can follow the activation process.

How to check zong’s monthly call package?

You can check the monthly zong call package by dialing *6464#.

How to activate zong free call packages for one month?

You can choose the zong monthly free call package by dialing *6464# and then follow the procedure to activate the offer.

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